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Teamwork makes the dream work, and for over 30 years we've accomplished great things by working together. And together, we will do the same for our future. At Boxercraft, we value the individual and their contribution to team success. With a rewarding and collaborative work environment, employees can maximize their potential and grow. We lead by example and focus on delivering quality products and exceptional customer service each day. We believe that giving back to the communities where we live and work is not a choice, but it's our social responsibility. If you feel motivated and energized by our culture, then Boxercraft may be the right place for you!

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    We're all in this together; providing superior products is only part of the plan. The bigger piece is using our influence and our success to better serve the community, laying the groundwork for a greater tomorrow. Sponsoring events such as the Georgia 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer and PurpleStride is just the beginning of our work to make this world a better place

    Shelley Foland
    Chief Executive Officer
    Boxercraft Inc.

    About Us

    Boxercraft Inc. is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Mableton, Georgia. We focus on providing fashionable casual wear and lounge-wear synonymous with comfort. But what sets us apart is our vertical integration to make, distribute, and sell unique products designed for B2B customization and everyday casual wear for our B2C customers. As the manufacturer of our brand apparel, we take pride in offering product lines crafted from innovative fabrics for fashion-forward styles.

    We are driven to be excellent at what we do, and we are committed to customer satisfaction in all of our markets. This attitude compels us to provide quality products and services that anyone should expect in stylish and comfortable apparel. Through continuous improvement, we are committed to expanding our product lines, providing exceptional service, and continuously offering value for our customers. Whereas fashions do change, our commitment will not.

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